Testimony on Scoping Hearing for SoHo/NoHo

Lynn Ellsworth, for Tribeca Trust and Humanscale NYC

  • Tribeca Trust and Human-scale NYC both object to the entire content of the zoning proposal on hand, based as it is in deeply flawed social science about housing prices for which there is absolutely no consensus among economists. The claims for public benefit are laughable and the harms that would done are great indeed and unaccounted for.
  • We also object to the process by which this proposal is being railroaded through, with a shamefully false and manipulated public consultative process that undermines the legitimacy of municipal government.
  • We object to ZOOM being used as a substitute for real public hearings and believe that the public’s rights in the ULURP process are being steamrollered by the use of ZOOM.
  • We are dismayed by the deeply offensive and illogical race-and class-baiting that has been used to justify this proposal.
  • The EIS methodology and scope is not credible. It does not account for cumulative effects of all developments taking place with in a mile radius of the three housing sites and their cumulative impacts on wastewater, sewage, traffic, congestion, subway use, sidewalk space, and on libraries, parks and public schools. The flaws are so great that any person looking into it would conclude that the flaws are there so as to assure the proposals is shoved through the system
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