What is this plan anyway?

The Governor's Plan

  • Builds ten new glass skyscrapers as gentrified, “class A” office space
  • Evicts more than 2,300 residents – including rent stabilized tenants, seniors, condo and co-op owners – and demolishes their homes
  • Kills off 10,000 small business jobs by demolishing over 1,300 places of business — offices and storefronts.
  • Demolishes over 40 stunning buildings that are important to New York City’s cultural and architectural history.
  • Casts shadows that reach all the way to New Jersey
  • Violates our city’s zoning rules and bypasses approvals from City politicians
  • Leaves Penn Station underground with lipstick-on-the-pig improvements to the current rats nest.
  • Funnels riches and opportunity to Vornado … who is already plenty rich
  • Would cost well over $10 billion.

Our Better Ideas

  • No need to demolish anyone’s homes or any historic buildings that are eligible for listing on the National Register of Historic Places
  • Renovate and repurpose where needed!
  • Move the blighted Madison Square Garden (often talked about as an option in real estate circles) to the current parking lot next to the Javits Center
  • Rebuild the old Penn Station and create a fabulous public realm in the area
  • Do the easy modifications to the underground parts of Penn Station to make it a “through-running” station rather than a terminal station. Then it can be the center of a regional unified train network which would cheapen transport costs for everyone and spread prosperity around more fairly.
  • Would cost about $6 billion less than the Governor’s plan