New Yorkers for a Human Scale City (NYHSC) is a coalition of nearly 100 neighborhood, public space, and civic organizations.  We share common concerns.

  • City agencies and real estate interests are riding roughshod over neighborhood concerns about livability and the need for a human-scale to the future build-out of our city.
  • Many neighborhoods are suffering from the demolition of historic buildings and getting huge luxury towers in their place.  Small businesses and rent-stabilized tenants are being displaced.
  • Many historic district requests are being stalled, ignored, cut back, or undermined as the City pursues a Bloomberg-era policy of “hyper-density”.
  • Neighborhood concerns over regulation of bars, outdoor cafes, rooftop lounges and noise concerns are ignored or treated as NIMBYish complaints that are brushed away with minimal or no remediation. In fact, the bias against community input as a generically Nimby is an attitude that needs to be pushed back against.
  • We conclude that the policy of “hyper-density” – as articulated by writers such as Edward Glaeser, Dan Doctoroff, and Vishan Chakrabarti-  needs revisiting, as it harms too much of our historic fabric. Reasonable alternatives exist for managing growth and those alternatives should be part of the policy discussion. “Affordable housing” does not have to equal “Dubai-on-the-Hudson.”

NYHSC specifically seeks to generate a new policy discussion citywide about what rules we need to change to have a human-scaled build out of our city that protects our existing historic neighborhoods.

Please read the petition outlining our plea to the city for change and reform.

Please sign it, either as an individual or as an organization. Feel free to ask friends and neighbors to sign it.

If you have comments or suggestions, please contact us.

Lynn Ellsworth and Mario Messina